Jan 20, 2016

231 The Year End Recap!

Happy New Year everyone! This week, the boys decided to take a look back at some of the world events, news, and happenings of 2015 that didn't make it onto air during the show! From January to December, 2105 sure was a crazy year wasn't it? Let's all listen fondly as two icons of Podcasting recount their favorite moments of the past 365 days! Enjoy!


Dec 24, 2015

230 The Force Awakens

The D on D Show has vanished. In it's absence, the complete lack of ANYTHING has risen from the ashes of the show and will not stop until the boys have recorded another episode.

With the support of his IPHONE, Dolph Tondu sends a TEXT. He is desperate to talk to his cohost Doug and record an episode in order to restore peace and justice to the galaxy.
Dolph has arrived on a secret mission to the Classy Radio Lair, where an old ally has his recording equipment all set up and ready to record…
Spoiler Alert: We talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Dec 10, 2015

229 Doug v Dolph: Dawn of Podcasts

Hello everyone! We're very sorry for the delay in your weekly entertainment. Believe me when I say, we dropped the ball. It's time to pick that ball up though! Enjoy this hour and forty minute meandering conversation about the new Batman v Superman trailer, Dungeons and Dragons, and just like, you know, our lives. I hope you enjoy and look forward to more weekly episodes!


Oct 7, 2015

228 A Meandering Conversation

Star Wars, Kim Davis, politics, the south, morals, confederate flags, religion, Apple, Doctor Who… all of this and more on this exciting (albeit late) episode of The D on D Show! Enjoy!!


Sep 23, 2015

227 #ForceFriday

This week, the boys talk about the "event" known as Force Friday. It's this ridiculous marketing nonsense created to sell toys to a film that is still several months away. Star Wars man… it's back in full force. Get it? Force? Honestly, I don't see much different than when George was at the helm; he marketed that shit to the nines and made such a killing in toy sales. The only difference I see is that these toys are being sold way before the movie has come out. Am I excited for the force to awaken? Yes. Am I excited about the toys and other licensed products? No. Enjoy! This episode isn't a total downer by the way; this post was just written two weeks or so after recording it.


Sep 9, 2015

226 Regularly Scheduled Programing

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled podcast! It's been a while since we just sat down and chitted and chatted at each other, or so it feels… How are you folks doing? Doug and Dolph kinda talk for a bit. You know what to expect at this point, right? Pop culture stuff, life stuff, all kinds of stuff. Can you tell that I have no idea what this episode is about? Why do I ask so many questions in manner such as this? No one can even answer these questions; this is a podcast post. I don't know, I just need someone to talk to. Will you be my friend? Can you enjoy the show now?


Sep 7, 2015

225 Straight Up Late

Welcome back! I'm really sorry; this episode is obnoxiously late. There is little explanation for this. The short of it is I've been really busy with work lately. I just finished working for twelve hours a day, two weeks straight with no days off… If that isn't a sufficient of enough reason to be a tad late then I don't really have anything else to say to you. I'm so tired. This episode is all about "Straight Outta Compton" which at the time, was super timely and relevant. Don't get me wrong, it was a fantastic movie and is still culturally relevant, it's just not so timely now. This wednesday there will be another episode uploaded at the usual time. We will catch up to where we are soon enough. Please ENJOY!


Aug 19, 2015

224 The World’s Greatest True Detective

Welcome back ladies and lads! Oh boy, where do I begin with this episode? You know how sometimes you have a conversation with someone, without a clear goal in mind, and you talk like that for about an hour? You know when you press record on your computer, stop it at the end, edit that audio, and post it online? No? I mean, I'm not going to say that that's what we did this week, but it kinda is. We talk about some random Batman stuff, Doug watched "The Gift", bad voice impressions, the boys read some "True Detective" lines of dialogue to show how silly it is, and like, other stuff too. Next week we talk about the "Hateful Eight" trailer and "Straight Outta Compton" because it was #dope! Enjoy!


Aug 12, 2015


Spoiler Alert! The boys talk about Fant4stic; or is it Fant4stic Four? F4ntastic? FanFOURtastic 4our? I don't know know… These stylized tit1es are getting mor3 and more ridiculou5. Anyway, we talk about the movie most of the show. It's not great… the movie that is, not the podcast! This is a quality show. Oh yeah, Patrick Kane might be a rapist… That sucks? I guess? Don't rape people and enjoy the show!


Aug 5, 2015

222 We Ran Out of Time…

So last week our hosts sat down to record an episode. A lot of planning went into it. Doug and Dolph each wrote a skit, their long time friend Jeff was all ready to record from across the pond, and a surprise announcement was all set to go off. The boys got the microphones set up and everything, did a quick soundcheck, and then tried to start… somehow they ran out of time to record the actual episode they had planned though. I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. Enjoy the cold open I suppose...


Jul 23, 2015

221 Geek Catchup Week 2

Welcome back bitches and bitchettes! This week, our heroes catch up on geek-culture stuffs… again! The boys discuss the recent releases and "leaks" from San Diego Comic Con; Deadpool, Suicide Squad, X-Men, and maybe something else? Honestly, I don't remember everything. My mind isn't what it used to be. Oh yeah! They both saw Ant-Man when it opened! So like, the second half of the episode is pretty much all about that. Spoilers if you haven't seen it. Though, you should have seen it by now. Why haven't you seen it? Go see it… Also, enjoy the show!


Jul 17, 2015

220 Making Movies with Mike

Mike joins the boys once again for an episode pretty much dedicated to one of our games, "Movie Executive." With Mike and Doug pitching their ideas for movies based on titles that Dolph came up with, obvious hilarity ensues. Enjoy!


Jul 9, 2015

219 Bamman Night!

Welcome back to the description of the show folks! If you're reading this, it's because you want to know that this episode is about, and who am I to stand in your way? The author I suppose… I control the content found within. Anyway, this episode is mostly about Arkham Knight. Doug got the game when it was released and has played a bit of it. He shares his thoughts on it and the boys discuss some of the neat aspects found within. We start off the episode by talking about other random bits. Doug and his girlfriend are gross. Hannibal isn't being picked up, and that sucks I guess. What else can be found within? You'll have to find out within. Found within!


Jul 1, 2015

218 About Jurassic World

Welcome back everyone. This week, as the title suggests, we talk about Jurassic World. Doug hasn't seen it, unfortunately. He probably won't see it until we record the commentary either… because Doug is a monster. Dolph loved it. Here him gush about it for an hour. Enjoy!


Jun 24, 2015

217 The Shady Side of Tomorrowland

Welcome back babes and babs! Is "babs" a thing? I mean for it to be a synonym for "boys" if you did't know. Anyway… the boys are here to talk about Eminem again, just kinda naturally. We don't apologize for our interests. Not to you or anyone! Doug also saw Tomorrowland, so he talks about it. Enjoy!


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