Nov 23, 2016

242 Would It Make a Good Movie?

On this week's show: the boys make them jokes about the Avengers, try not to get political, talk about what video games would make good movies, and chit-chat about what board games would make good movies. It's all back to normal, things as usual, back at it again... Enjoy!


Nov 10, 2016

241 A Strange Dr. Steven

Hello and welcome back to the show! It's good to be back not talking about the 2016 Presidential Election instead of popular culture stuffs... like Marvel's new Doctor Strange. In fact, this episode is almost entirely about Doctor Strange! Spoiler Alert by the way: we spoil the movie a bunch. There's only a little bit of election talk, I promise. Please enjoy the ever-loving enjoyment!


Nov 9, 2016

240 Special Election Episode

Doug and Dolph sat in a basement with a couple of microphones, watching the votes get counted. What resulted is a meandering conversation about the election. The boys jump from idea to idea so disjointedly that, yes, topics get lost along the way. At this point, we all know who won. The Donald is America's 45th president... despite him being a bigoted, hateful, sexist, divisive, possible-rapist... we, the people elected him as our leader. What a clusterfuck. enjoy