Dec 24, 2015

230 The Force Awakens

The D on D Show has vanished. In it's absence, the complete lack of ANYTHING has risen from the ashes of the show and will not stop until the boys have recorded another episode.

With the support of his IPHONE, Dolph Tondu sends a TEXT. He is desperate to talk to his cohost Doug and record an episode in order to restore peace and justice to the galaxy.
Dolph has arrived on a secret mission to the Classy Radio Lair, where an old ally has his recording equipment all set up and ready to record…
Spoiler Alert: We talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Dec 10, 2015

229 Doug v Dolph: Dawn of Podcasts

Hello everyone! We're very sorry for the delay in your weekly entertainment. Believe me when I say, we dropped the ball. It's time to pick that ball up though! Enjoy this hour and forty minute meandering conversation about the new Batman v Superman trailer, Dungeons and Dragons, and just like, you know, our lives. I hope you enjoy and look forward to more weekly episodes!