Aug 19, 2015

224 The World’s Greatest True Detective

Welcome back ladies and lads! Oh boy, where do I begin with this episode? You know how sometimes you have a conversation with someone, without a clear goal in mind, and you talk like that for about an hour? You know when you press record on your computer, stop it at the end, edit that audio, and post it online? No? I mean, I'm not going to say that that's what we did this week, but it kinda is. We talk about some random Batman stuff, Doug watched "The Gift", bad voice impressions, the boys read some "True Detective" lines of dialogue to show how silly it is, and like, other stuff too. Next week we talk about the "Hateful Eight" trailer and "Straight Outta Compton" because it was #dope! Enjoy!


Aug 12, 2015


Spoiler Alert! The boys talk about Fant4stic; or is it Fant4stic Four? F4ntastic? FanFOURtastic 4our? I don't know know… These stylized tit1es are getting mor3 and more ridiculou5. Anyway, we talk about the movie most of the show. It's not great… the movie that is, not the podcast! This is a quality show. Oh yeah, Patrick Kane might be a rapist… That sucks? I guess? Don't rape people and enjoy the show!


Aug 5, 2015

222 We Ran Out of Time…

So last week our hosts sat down to record an episode. A lot of planning went into it. Doug and Dolph each wrote a skit, their long time friend Jeff was all ready to record from across the pond, and a surprise announcement was all set to go off. The boys got the microphones set up and everything, did a quick soundcheck, and then tried to start… somehow they ran out of time to record the actual episode they had planned though. I don't know what happened, I wasn't there. Enjoy the cold open I suppose...