Jul 23, 2015

221 Geek Catchup Week 2

Welcome back bitches and bitchettes! This week, our heroes catch up on geek-culture stuffs… again! The boys discuss the recent releases and "leaks" from San Diego Comic Con; Deadpool, Suicide Squad, X-Men, and maybe something else? Honestly, I don't remember everything. My mind isn't what it used to be. Oh yeah! They both saw Ant-Man when it opened! So like, the second half of the episode is pretty much all about that. Spoilers if you haven't seen it. Though, you should have seen it by now. Why haven't you seen it? Go see it… Also, enjoy the show!


Jul 17, 2015

220 Making Movies with Mike

Mike joins the boys once again for an episode pretty much dedicated to one of our games, "Movie Executive." With Mike and Doug pitching their ideas for movies based on titles that Dolph came up with, obvious hilarity ensues. Enjoy!


Jul 9, 2015

219 Bamman Night!

Welcome back to the description of the show folks! If you're reading this, it's because you want to know that this episode is about, and who am I to stand in your way? The author I suppose… I control the content found within. Anyway, this episode is mostly about Arkham Knight. Doug got the game when it was released and has played a bit of it. He shares his thoughts on it and the boys discuss some of the neat aspects found within. We start off the episode by talking about other random bits. Doug and his girlfriend are gross. Hannibal isn't being picked up, and that sucks I guess. What else can be found within? You'll have to find out within. Found within!


Jul 1, 2015

218 About Jurassic World

Welcome back everyone. This week, as the title suggests, we talk about Jurassic World. Doug hasn't seen it, unfortunately. He probably won't see it until we record the commentary either… because Doug is a monster. Dolph loved it. Here him gush about it for an hour. Enjoy!