Jun 24, 2015

217 The Shady Side of Tomorrowland

Welcome back babes and babs! Is "babs" a thing? I mean for it to be a synonym for "boys" if you did't know. Anyway… the boys are here to talk about Eminem again, just kinda naturally. We don't apologize for our interests. Not to you or anyone! Doug also saw Tomorrowland, so he talks about it. Enjoy!


Jun 17, 2015

216 CFO fo’ Show!

One of our favorite guests (I mean, they're all great, this is just who we were able to get this week) CFO joins the boys on the show to play one of our favorite games (again, we like all our games the same). That's right! We do another "Doug and Dolph's Draft" for your listening pleasure. This draft is similar to another draft we did, but with subtle differences obviously. We draft our ideal crews for a "Star Trek" like starship… it's different I swear! Dolph has been watching too much TNG ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy!


Jun 3, 2015

215 Geek Catchup Week

Welcome back bitches and bitchettes! This week, our heroes catch up on geek-culture stuffs. Doug watches the latest DC animated films, while Dolph watches Star Trek: TNG. One really likes what they did, the other kinda wasn't feelin' it. Find out who did what on this exciting episode… Enjoy!