May 28, 2015

214 Furiousness Lane

Exciting things, friends. Exciting things. Not really. We talk about stuff. Mad Max for a bit. There's lots of stuff. Dolph it really tired at the time of recording and has virtually no memory of the episode, despite editing it. Doug's a neat fellow, isn't he? Enjoy!


May 20, 2015

213 D on D on D & D Week 4

Welcome back! After our week off, we are glad to be back in the hot seat for another sizzling episode of D on D. This week, we talk about our 4th week of Dungeons & Dragons! What kind of danger will our heroes encounter? What new and interesting characters will the party meet along the road? How much trouble will Dim Dim get himself into? Find out by listening to the episode.  What? Did you think I was going to answer these questions in the description? You're crazy. Enjoy!


May 6, 2015

212 Age of ulTRON

Spoiler Alert: We talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron the entire episode. You have been alerted. Enjoy!


May 1, 2015

211 BAMan v SuperBAM!

Is this thing on? No? Well get it working! Jeez, what am I paying you for?! Oh this is a text-box you say? Well then, I guess I stand corrected. I apologize for the harshness of my tone. Tone doesn't come across via text? Clearly you are a well-educated individual… You must have known I didn't mean vocal tone. I meant that you could tell through the addition of an exclamation point that I was a little frustrated, that's all. Oh yeah, we talk about the new trailers that came out recently. Trailers like "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Have you noticed that those two hugely anticipated trailers are for movies with colons? It's odd… We also talk a bit about the new Joker. Enjoy!