Apr 22, 2015

210 Truth or Daredevil

New Ant-Man trailer? Check. New Netflix show called Daredevil? Check. Two grown men talking about things? Check. Enjoying the enjoyment? That's up to you; we can't hold your hand forever.


Apr 15, 2015

209 Being AmeriGods

Doug reads "American Gods", Dolph watches "Being Human", Doug watches WrestleMania, Dolph doesn't do much else... Enjoy!


Apr 10, 2015

208 Super Furious!

The boys get a little too furious, while talking a bit too fast... just kidding! That was just a little bit of a play on this weeks topic. We talk about Furious 7. We saw the movie right before recording, so it was super fresh in our minds and we just kinda ramble around the episode discussing the plot, characters, favorite parts, and problems we had. There really isn't much wrong with the movie, just so you know. Spoiler Alert: We talk about Furious 7. Enjoy!!!


Apr 1, 2015

207 Paul’s Back…

Paul joins the boys for another fun-filled episode of fun! It's kinda fun. I'd say it's a normal amount of fun. Moving on! Paul's here, so obviously we geek out about stuff more than usual. Sports, WWE, Movies, Comics, all kinds of stuffs... Enjoy!