Mar 26, 2015

206 Dinner Isn’t Wrestling

On another exciting edition of "The D on D Show" the boys talk about so much awesome stuff. The stuff they talk about is mostly Max Landis' latest video project "Wrestling isn't Wrestling" and Dougs dinner. It's a good episode, I swear. Please enjoy!


Mar 19, 2015

205 Feelin’ Alive!

Thank you for joining us once again for some fantastic podcast of the D on D variety! This weeks episode is pretty boss, if I do say so myself. *wink face* We open the show with some chit, followed by a bit of light chat. After that is out of the way, we banter for a while before finally conversing. Fifty Shades of Grey the official party game. We played it. It was ok. A resounding two thumbs, 5 stars, and a whole mess of bonus points. We don't even get into that on the show... so there's a little exclusive for those of you who read the episode description! Enjoy!!!!


Mar 11, 2015

204 D on D on D&D W.3!

Greetings weary traveler, leave your cloak at the door and come inside. Here, have a seat by the fire and I'll tell you a tale. This week on the show, the boys talk about their third week of Dungeons & Dragons! This is kinda going to be a thing now pretty much every month, so if you don't care for our tales of awesome as we battle our way through hoards of mythical creatures and sickly peasants... you could probably just suck it up. I mean, it's only once a month. Enjoy!


Mar 6, 2015

203 She’s The Parks

Welcome back everyone! On this exciting episode, Doug shares his thoughts and opinions on the final episode of Parks and Recreations, Dolph talks about She's the Man, and the boys explore the world of job security! It's a thrilling episode ya'll... ENJOY!