Feb 26, 2015

202 Fifty Shames of Lame

Hello again. On this episode, Doug talks about his Valentine's Day (St. Valentayne Day) and Batman, while Dolph talks about Fifty Shades of Grey (the movie). Fifty Shades is a pretty terrible movie ladies and gentlemens, but you already knew that, right? Enjoy this beautiful episode!


Feb 18, 2015

201 Spiders and Orcs and Yeezus, Oh My!

Welcome back! We got a lively one for you, so get ready. Doug and Dolph regale you with the tales of their second day of D&D, Doug defends the actions of his personal lord and savior, Dolph criticizes Doug's love for Yeezy, and the boys discuss breifly the news that Spider-man will begin to appear in Marvel Studios' movies. Note: I disagree with the phrase "Spidey's Coming Home!" because Marvel Studios has never had the rights to Spider-man until now so it's more like "Spidey's Leaving Home!" but I understand that people are dumb and sometimes say stupid things. Enjoy!


Feb 11, 2015

200 The 200th Episode!

It's our 200th episode! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the boys invited every guest they ever had over for a party... and they all showed up! As the party rages on in the background, Doug and Dolph fondly remember episodes from the lass 99 shows. Some guests even jump on mic to say hello. It's a fun time. Please enjoy! We would like to thank all of you who have listened to us this far and hope you will continue your listening for 200 more!


Feb 3, 2015

199 The Oscars!

The boys gather, as they often do, to chit and chat for an hour about whatever topic they deem necessary. This week, the topic is the Oscar nominations! Enjoy :)