Jan 30, 2015

198 D on D on D&D

Welcome back! The boys have some exciting news to share with you... Doug introduced the show this week. I know what you're thinking, "what? That's impossible!" Honestly, I was as shocked as you are. Oh yeah, the boys played Dungeons and Dragons, Dim Dim is gonna die, and Alfyr is a bluffing deity. The Super Bowl is coming up real soon. I predict the Seahawks take home the gold or whatever. Enjoy!


Jan 21, 2015

197 Extreme Prejudice

Hooray, we're back! We actually never left, Dolph just never got around to posting the episode... lazy ass. This episode was actually recorded before the episode that went up last time and then accidentally deleted the following week so we had to find the original file again floating around the Dropbox cloud. What a great start to a new year, huh? Kyle joins us this week to play a little "Move Executive Doug!" It's really quite a treat. Please enjoy responsibly. Big ups to Dropbox by the way, for saving deleted files for us. You guys rock!


Jan 7, 2015

196 Happy New You!

Welcome to 2015! How have you been? Fantastic... Moving on. The boys go over some of their favorite movies and music from 2004! I guess they also talk about 2014 a little bit too. They get into some pre-oscar talk as well. Oh yeah, and Doug is getting more action, so that's rad. Have a great enjoyment.