Dec 25, 2014

195 Smaug > Santa

Merry whatever you celebrate! The boys gather to talk about The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies and ask the question, "can you name all five armies?" The answer may surprise you... Spoiler Alert: We spoil this movie. Enjoy!


Dec 17, 2014

194 Police Academy 8: Target Acquired

Welcome back ladies and lads! This week, Chris joins the D once again to talk about a bunch of like, really interesting stuff... Like it's totally worth talking about, we swear. Doug talks about work, Chris talks about work, Dolph is shockingly quiet about work. Retail is a bitch. Anyway, we also do a fun draft! In light of recent, very topical, very controversial events regarding the American police force, the boys decided to draft their very own Police Departments, in an attempt to bring justice back to the streets! Will we make the greatest Cop Squads ever? Will we create an awesome hit TV show? Find out this week on... the podcast. Enjoy!


Dec 11, 2014

193 Star Squad: Suicide Wars

Welcome back! Thanks for sticking around by the way. You look well. Have you been lifting bro? Dope! This week the boys talk about the new Star Wars teaser trailer, the Suicide Squad casting announcement, and Dolph returns from Iowa... Enjoy!


Dec 3, 2014

192 You’re the President. Congrats!

Kyle joins the boys for another fantastic podcast about... I think they talk about Jurassic World? Maybe, I know Dolph and Kyle are pretty excited for it. We watch Guardians of the Galaxy while we record, but that hardly comes up. Geez, what do we talk about? Crap! Oh, yeah I kind of remember it now; the gang chats about Jurassic Park, in the context of Jurassic World. The show transitions seamlessly into a draft, remember those? We draft our 5 person "team" to support us a President of the United States. Enjoy!