Oct 29, 2014

187 The Marvel/DC Lineup

Welcome Back! The boys talk about what's to come from Marvel Studios over the next few years, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, and we wish DC all the best of luck with their now through 2020 list of theatrical releases. Also, Doug watched John Wick, loved it. Enjoy!


Oct 15, 2014

186 Social Justice League, Without Batman

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! This episode starts with more discussion of feminism, we talk #GamerGate, and react to EmmaYouAreNext. We are really growing on this show, huh? So political. Doug reviews a bit of the new hit television show, Gotham. Dolph finally saw The Amazing Spiderman 2... so he talked about that. Enjoy the show, bitches!


Oct 8, 2014

185 Grand Theft Awesome

Welcome Back! Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I'm lazy/busy right now with work... so I've been dedicating all of my free-time to Minecraft and kissing women. I'll accept your applause now. Anyway, Doug finished GTAV, so the boys go a little deeper into that gem of a game. Dolph visited the beautiful city of Milwaukee "the land of hipsters" Wisconsin. Doug was given an all access pass to some sporting event. I think it had something to do with cars or whatever. Enjoy!