Jul 30, 2014

178 SoG - Mike

The Summer of Mikes CONTINUES! Wait, sorry. I meant to say, "The Summer of Guests CONTINUES!" My bad. Anyway, our good friend Mike (from past episodes, he used to be our sound guy) joins us for some super fun. We do a draft wherein we kill 5 people in order to bring 5 people back from the dead, Necronomical! We also read more from William Shakespeare's Star Wars. All of the fun. It can be yours as long as you enjoy it!


Jul 23, 2014

177 SoG - Mikey

Hey. The summer of guests, you know, continues... Awesome! Mikey joins us this week as we dive into video games. Video Games! We got over a few of our favorite parts of this years E3, more Mass Effect, and also things other than VIDEO GAMES, like movies... There are also a lot of character voices in this episode. It's pretty awesome. Mikey is like "the man with a thousand voices" or something. We close out the show with another reading from William Shakespeare's Star Wars! It's a really fun episode, honest. Enjoy it, please. Can you do that for me? Thank you. If you enjoyed Mikey on this show (and how could you not?) and would like to learn more about him, search MikeThemSuffer Cosplay on Facebook or MikeThemSuffer on Instagram.


Jul 18, 2014

176 SoG - Duke

The Summer of Guests CONTINUES! This week, Duke; Duke Silver. The lads come together to talk about much a topic. Robots and lasers? We got 'em. Names? We have those too. Sexy sex talk? I mean, you get what you'd expect. "What about William Shakespeare's Star Wars?" You may ask... We most certainly have one of those. This week, that pit thing on that dust-world. Duke Silva. There is also a lengthy film and television discussion near the end. Enjoy!


Jul 9, 2014

175 SoG - Connie

Happy Independence Day America! We love you. Back to the post though... The Summer of Guests CONTINUES this week with Connie. Some may remember her, some might not. Whatever. We talk a lot this week about a lot of stuff. Mostly about Dolph... for some reason. Connie shares with us some of her many talents, Doug reaches his final form, and Dolph made the cold open to the show about a year ago when he thought he wanted to make music. Enjoy the ENJOYMENT!