Jun 25, 2014

174 SoG - Hiatus

The Summer of Guests... is on hold for this week! Due to bad weather conditions, the guest we had lined up was unable to make it to the Classy Radio Lair, but fear not loyal listeners! In the midst of a terrible thunderstorm, the boys decided to pull out an old episode, recorded way back around December of 2013... During a frightening snowstorm, the boys snuggle up in their studio to tell the story of a road trip, taken way back in August of 2013... Doug has a dream, Dolph gets a team. You could almost say that The D on D Show itself was our guest this week, but we wouldn't. Enjoy!


Jun 20, 2014

173 SoG - Jamie

It's once again time for the summer of guests to continue... this week with Jamie. Fun and merriment are afoot in this lively episode in which the gang gathers for another reading from William Shakespeare's Star Wars, followed by some light conversation about all kind-a-things. Maybe they will talk about the new DC lineup? Perhaps? Well just have to find out for yourselves. It's good. Listen and be amazed! 


Jun 11, 2014

172 SoG - Tim

Tim's on bitches! Sorry, that was harsh. Let me start over. Tim, our longtime friend and guest-hopeful has joined us this week to chat about Game of Thrones (spoiler warning for that) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (again, spoilers if you haven't seen it). Other stuffs are talked about and the boys finish off the show with a reading from William Shakespeare's Star Wars. Tim isn't white by the way (spoilers).


Jun 4, 2014

171 SoG - Paul

Paul is back for another delicious podcast-pizza! The gang start the show off right with a reading from William Shakespeare's Star Wars, followed by a very long discussion about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Spoiler Warning! We talk about X-Men Days of Future Past a lot, so if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, don't listen. You've been warned...