Apr 23, 2014

165 Wrestlemaniaiaho!

Welcome back everyone! How are you? I'm fine. Thanks for asking. So much happens on this episode, it's disgusting. Doug talks about this year's Wrestlemania, Dolph does an unboxing for the state of Iowa, and the boys talk a bit about dreams... See what I mean? SO MUCH STUFF! Enjoy.


Apr 16, 2014

164 AmericanMan Too!

The boys talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier for reals this time. I promise... enjoy or whatever.


Apr 9, 2014

163 Twitter Famous

The boys are back in town! They never left. They just forgot to post an episode last week. That happens from time to time. They appreciate your willingness to continue to listen even though they continue to suck. Thank you. I love you. They boys talk about a lot of stuff this week. Dolph was recently named "King of the Kross, which he'll explain in detail. Doug obtained a rare stone artifact on an expedition he was on. Marcus was sucked into another detention and subsequently removed from all of history. It's all filler. All of it. Next week we talk about Captain America again. Enjoy!