Mar 26, 2014

162 Capt. A Winters

This week the boys watch a sneak peak of the new Captain America: Winter Soldier! Unable to contain their excitement, they spend the whole episode telling you all about it. Sit and "marvel" at the newest installment of of America's favorite Captain! Enjoy...


Mar 20, 2014

161 The Pop Quiz

Welcome back! How are you? Good? Great! This week, Doug and Dolph sit down and quiz each other. Have you always wanted to know their deepest, darkest, most intimate secrets? Well listen up mother f-words; this is the episode for you! Am I hyping this up to seem way more important than it actually is? I guess you'll have to find out for yourselves... ENJOY!


Mar 12, 2014

160 Arkham Days of Our Lives

The boys talk about masturbating, the Wii, Batman: Arkham Knight, villains they'd like to see in Arkham Knight, previous Batman games, Batman games they'd like to see get made, geez they sure do like Batman... Dolph also talks about the Netflix original "Hemlock Grove." If you aren't familiar with the show, it's about a Werewolf boy and a Vampire boy who isn't actually a Vampire... but he totally is. Enjoy!


Mar 5, 2014

159 A Week in Entertainment

Doug and Dolph are back once again to fill your ear openings with delicious sound waves... The boys talk about (even more) Kanye West, The Lego Movie, females in voice acting roles, and the results of the recent Academy Awards. Everything is awesome, enjoy!