Feb 28, 2014

158 Massively Effective

Doug and Dolph welcome special guest Lauren to chat about Mass Effect and draft their "perfect" crew for intergalactic travel. It's a real hoot-and-holler. Is that a saying? Anyway, enjoy!


Feb 19, 2014

157 Home of the Corndog

Dolph is on assignment to Springfield, where he learns everything there is to know about the state capitol of Illinois... Doug is back in the suburbs of Chicago, and still manages to lead more of a life than Dolph. This fantastic episode was recorded from both the Classy Radio Lair AND the Class Radio Mobile Studio based in the luxurious Fairfield Inn... on Feb 8th 2014. Enjoy!


Feb 5, 2014

156: I Like The Way You Die Boy

Is it wrong that I wanna get it on till I die? Of course not, don't be silly. We should all strive to get it on as much as possible until our inevitable demise. If, say for instance, you wanted to get it on so much that it killed you, you would probably be remembered in some badass context. Sorry, I've just been thinking about Django Unchained recently... On this episode of The D on D Show Doug and Dolph talk to each other. Please, someone play GTA Online with Dolph... He is so very lonely. He said he'd even let you see his garage. Enjoy!