Jan 29, 2014

155 The Devil’s Cave Files

The events that took place between December 31st 2013 and January 1st 2014 have been classified by the 12th circuit court of Joliet Illinois... classified until today. Deep within the dark forest of Inwood Park there is a place known to some as "Devil's Cave". Strange things are afoot in these woods, but Doug and Dolph are on the case... sort of. Please enjoy.


Jan 22, 2014

154 West is Best

The boys talk a lot of rap and other music this week. I know it's kinda weird considering they are dumb, but this is what happens when you don't plan anything... ENJOY!


Jan 15, 2014

153 2013: A Retrospective

Doug and Dolph take a look back at their favorite movies, music, and video games of 2013.


Jan 9, 2014

152 Spillin’ that Fish

This week the boys invited Shawn to the show, and guess what? The invitation was accepted and returned with the "I'll be there" box checked! So that's awesome. The big day came and just as was agreed upon, the gang converged on the Classy Radio Lair to cast their respective pods into the night's air. After the traditional warmup period, the three friends came to a decision as to what to talk about during the show. Lots was talked about and discussed during the holy-hour, most of which is actually in this podcast! I've wasted to much time on the buildup and have no room left to describe the actual episode, and for that I am sorry. Enjoy!


Jan 3, 2014

151 Return of Events

New Year, New Episode; that's how it works here at The D on D Show... Doug tells more tales of interest and Dolph really likes the Hobbit movies. Spoiler Alert: This was recorded about three weeks ago when "The Hobbit" was fresh-as-a-daisy and Dolph spoils it a bit. Enjoy!