Dec 25, 2013

150 The Chrismas Special!

Merry Christmas to all from all of us here at The D on D Show! This week we bring you a very special guest; someone who has been with us since day one of the show but has never made an appearance... You don't even know his name, because he didn't want you to know it. Chris joins the boys for some good old fashion fun. The gang talks masturbation, stripper juice, and drafts their own Pokemon rosters! Enjoy the episode and Happy Holidays (for those of you heathens who don't recognize Santa as our lord and savior)


Dec 19, 2013

149 Shocking Turn of Events

Doug talks, Dolph talks too, the boys recorded this episode just for you. What? You want more description? Listen to the episode if you want to know what it's about... jeez. You're going to listen to it anyway. Oh, you don't like it when I talk to you like that? Tough. You really wanna know what happens in the episode? Fine. Doug and Dolph get sucked up into space by an alien race that has come to enslave our planet, a galactic battle ensues leaving half of Earth burned by the Bayue-Fire (an experimental weapon developed by Dr. Angespell form the Westmins Institute of Science), the president of the United Federation of Planets gets elected Mayor of Stillcastle... it's an episode of D on D, what do you expect? Enjoy it...


Dec 12, 2013

148 Another Drunk Episode

The boys decided to drink for this episode... and by boys, we mean Doug, Dolph, and Kyle... That's right ladies and gentlemen, Kyle is in this episode! Woot.A guest. Anyway, this is a long episode, as most guest episodes tend to be, but at least there's plenty of lulz. The boys draft their very own fellowships; a draft inspired by the new Hobbit movie coming out. Who will their ring-bearer be? Who will they pick as the roll of wizard? Who will win the draft? All these questions and more will be answered once you play the podcast. Enjoy!


Dec 4, 2013

147 Episodes of Mispronunciation

Doug is back in town for another enchanting episode of this very show! The boys talk a bit about their favorite episodes of The D on D Show, Doug decides that he wanted to talk more about Lost... in regards to the boys favorite episodes of their favorite television shows, you'll also notice that Dolph can't pronounce words right (because he's not educated). Stay tuned next week for another Drunk Episode!