Nov 27, 2013

146 Presented in DolphVision™

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! On this exciting edition of The D on D Show: Doug talks a bit about his "Bigtime Hollywood Starpower" as he visits the set of movie, Dolph briefly explains how his brothel works (in Sims 3) and the boys talk about the upcoming Nymphomaniac from director Lars Von Trier! It's a super decent episode... made even more decent by the invention of DolphVision™! If you'd like to get the full experience of episode 146 then get your pair of DolphVision™ Glasses HERE!

Don't worry, it doesn't link to a virus or anything... we swear.
Although I suppose saying that probably makes you think it does.
You know what? Ignore that nonsense about viruses and enjoy!

Nov 20, 2013

145 Pokemon, Black… Friday

And we're back! Ladies and laddies, guys and gals, Classy Radio Theater dot com is proud to present... blah blah blah, sorry we missed a couple weeks. On this episode, the boys chit chat about the wonders of Thanksgiving & Black Friday, the new generation of game consoles, and wrap it up with Doug's love of Pokemon Yellow! It's a another episode, so enjoy it. Smiley-face.