Oct 30, 2013

144 The Future Soldier

Happy Halloween gals and guys! Boo! Haha, just kidding. Doug and Dolph talk a little bit about Halloween's past and then chat about Apple's new OS X Mavericks and how it's effecting Dolph's life. After that sheesh is done, the boys talk about the upcoming superhero films "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and where they think the stories are heading. There sure are a lot of colon movies out now aren't there? BOO! Did I get you? Sorry... Enjoy the episode!


Oct 23, 2013

143 Keeping Us Down

You know what keeps us down? As in literally down? Like attached-to-the-planet-style down? That's right, Gravity. We talk about Gravity quite a bit this week folks. I wouldn't worry too much about spoilers though, because the trailer pretty much showed you everything. Spoiler Alert: The movie takes place in space. The space core from Portal 2 would be happy as heck if he were in the film Gravity… We also talk about other stuff at the beginning of the show. Please enjoy this episode as we put a lot into it.


Oct 9, 2013

142 The Land Before Hammer Time

Add a word, ruin a movie... That barely has anything to do with the episode but jeesh, what a popular hashtag that was, right? Anyway, the dynamic duo of D's start the episode with some traditional "D" talk. The boys learn about the ways of women from the only people they can really trust in the matter, themselves. Doug mourns the death of his beloved Dakota and Dolph's largest contribution takes place in the last 5 minutes... It's a great episode people, seriously. Enjoy the ever-loving enjoyment!


Oct 2, 2013

141 The Plight of the Princess

Welcome back lads and lasses! Today the boys talk about Disney princesses and how they are modeled and how those women painted the picture for how the rest of us view the rest of the world... I mean, they talk a little bit about that but that surely isn't the focus of the show. Dolph talk briefly about a movie he's recently seen called "The Butterfly Effect 3" because Dolph doesn't get out much. Doug weighs in a little bit on the series finale of "Breaking Bad" because Doug totes has his fingers on the pulse of pop culture. News Flash: Doug's IndieGoGo campaign has officially been funded and then some! Thanks to all of you who help; you make dreams. You're dream makers. Look at you being modest... It's kinda cute.