Sep 25, 2013

140 Cook on the Set!

And welcome to another heartwarming episode of the worlds only podcast hosted by Doug and Dolph! So glad you could make it back. Smiles all around, for sure. This week Doug takes us on an adventure onto the set of an upcoming movie being made near his school. Dolph basically listens to that story and generally doesn't contribute much, the lazy-face that he is. Though he was a bit under the weather, so that could be a reasonable excuse... If you haven't already, be sure to check out Doug's IndieGoGo campaign for his film "Vigilante" before it ends! Show him just how much you can tolerate his nonsense and donate. Share it with your friends and neighbors. It's what all the cool kids are doing these days. You want to be cool right? Right.


Sep 24, 2013

139 The Fan’s Stance

This week, your regularly scheduled podcast was hijacked by an old classic of the "Classy Radio Theater" due to some truly interesting NASCAR news... That's right boys and girls, The Fan's Stance is back for one episode only! The last two sentences are entirely inaccurate. This is The D on D Show and it will always be The D on D Show... until the end of time*. So what the hells is talked about on this biz-nitch? Well, Dolph has been playing more video games and has another Portal-based update. You should play Portal 2 on Steam by the way... with Dolph... for he is lonely. Doug on the other hand had a very interesting few night out drinking, as college kids do. Who wants a kiss? By the way, Doug's IndieGoGo is still up and running, so donate to that if you haven't and share with your friends if you have a heart. Go show Doug how much you love him, or if you hate him, donate anyway, you know, to shut him up about it, comma.

*untrue as we will eventually grow tired of the monotonousness of recording a show about nothing every week.

Sep 11, 2013

138 Vigilante

Welcome back boys and girls! Sorry we missed you last week but our two lovable hosts were otherwise detained. Fear not though, as they're back and ready to pleasure you aurally! First off, let me just say that Doug is making a movie and you can be directly responsible for making sure that it happens; details are in the episode. Dolph puts on his green tights and shoots some shit with an arrow and discovers the joys of Portal (the game with the gun). Meanwhile, Doug has a review of Nine Inch Nails newest album! It's a bundle of enjoyment!

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