Aug 28, 2013

137 Ending the World with Batfleck

Welcome back gals and fellas! Just your friendly neighborhood consonant on consonant podcast, here to lend our hands to help in the fight for justice. This week, the boys chit-chat for about 25 minutes about a range of topics including but not necessarily including: the value of family in a child's development, portable gaming systems, political sciences, and racism! Next up, Batman becomes the topic of the time. Benjamin Affleck is the next actor to don the cowl? Come on! When are they going to change it up and cast a woman, or ethnicity? We have our fingers crossed for Idris Elba. Anyway, we close out the show with a discussion on the third and final film in the blood and ice cream trilogy, The World's End. There are some spoilers in that bit, so if you want to avoid it, stop listening after the bat-talk. As always, enjoy the ever-loving enjoyment y'all!


Aug 23, 2013

First Thoughts: The World’s End

I would like to write this with zero spoilers for now since the film just came out in the US today, so here it goes.

These are just my first thoughts on the film.
These thoughts will be broken down into sentences and will be very "stream of consciousness".
The D on D Show will undoubtably go into much greater detail on next weeks episodes.

The World's End was fantastic. The characters were great. I really enjoyed the commentary on society.
The ending goes in a much different direction than I expected, but it fits the characters. Simon Pegg's "Gary King"
is a horrifyingly real person who, despite how terrible he is, you kind of feel bad for during the majority of the film.
Nick Frost's "Andy Knightley" is the perfect compliment to Pegg's "King", as always. All other actors do good
things. By real I meant 'hyper-exaggerated' because I don't want to think there are people like that in the world.
The robots pose a real threat to humankind. James bond is in the movie, and he is pretty great.
Overall, I really liked this film and I think, personally, it's the best one in the trilogy.
Go see "The World's End" now you dopes... what are you waiting for?

- Dolph

Aug 22, 2013

The Blog Will Be Up Tomorrow!

If you come back tomorrow you'll be warmly greeted by a first thoughts review of "The World's End". This is the final installment of the "blood and ice cream" (blood and Cornetto) trilogy by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg that was kicked off with Shaun of the Dead and followed up by Hot Fuzz. The World's End follows the story of 5 childhood friends as they attempt an epic pub-crawl 20 years after they went their separate ways. The journey ends at the pub named "The World's End" so the movie isn't necessarily about an end of the world scenario, except for the fact that the town has been replaced by killer robots who are none too happy about the friends being there... so it's kind of an end of the world scenario for them. If that peaks your interest, don't hesitate to come back tomorrow.

- Dolph

Aug 21, 2013

136 Witty Kick-Ass Pun!

Let's get right down to it: guest-less, the boys decided to do something completely out of the ordinary for them... they go and watch Kick-Ass 2 right before the recording in order to have something to talk about! Craziness, I know. So yeah, a lot of this episode can be considered a "spoiler" if you know nothing about the story of Kick-Ass 2, but honestly, I think you'll be fine. The trailer kinda told you everything that we bring up, and there's a comic book that's been out for a bit that you might have already read; point is, don't let that stop you from listening, as you should have already seen the movie anyway. We also talk about and spoiled is the film "Elysium" quite a bit at the end, but nobody cares about that. As always, enjoy!


Aug 15, 2013

D on WizWorld

Howdy folks! Dolph here, just stopping by to bring you some of the "super sweet" pictures I took while at Wizard World Chicago aka Chicago Comic Con. First off let me say that I really suck at photographing cool shit that I want to cherish and hold on to forever and ever, like a lot. There was SO MUCH to take pictures of that I'd like to be able to look back on, but alas, it's just not in me to give up the precious time to actually take out my phone and push a digital button on my screen. Really I think it goes by to how I was raised; see when I was about 14 or something we moved from the house that I grew up in to an apartment. Since the house we were living in was going to be demolished to make room for another house that wasn't so "crappy" we were told that we could leave whatever we didn't want behind. Well long story short, I'm pretty sure that all of the photo-albums that documented my childhood were left in the basement when the house was destroyed, and that didn't bother me at all. I don't know why, but it didn't. I tend to live in the now as much as possible so I guess that kind of explains it... Well that was an unnecessarily long way of saying, "I took some pictures at WizWorld that I'd like to share with you."
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Aug 14, 2013

135 WizWorld ChiTown

Welcome geeks, dorks, and all other manner of pop-culture fanboys and girls! On this exciting episode of your #fave capitol letter on same letter podcast, Paul joins us for yet another glorious episode as the three of us talk about the Con that rocked the Windy City... We're talking of course about Wizard World Chicago! We get both the attendees

and then vendees (vendors) perspective on this oh so joyous of events as well as listen to a very special interview recorded live at the convention! After all that noise is done, the boys hunker down for another one of "Doug & Dolph's Drafts" to wrap up the show! Who will win? Nobody knows. I mean, we do, but you don't... yet. Enjoy the enjoyment!

Come back tomorrow (same time, same place) for a blog about the con, as well as some sexy pictures taken of some of the event's hottest cosplayers!

Aug 9, 2013

D on Episode 134

Hello again friends, I'm so glad you could make it. Let me start by saying that I'm sorry for the episode being a day late. It was not my intention, but it happened. I need to get better at getting things done more quickly. It honestly doesn't take me all that long to edit, maybe 4 hours minus export time, and that includes recording and creating the ads and making cuts and writing the descriptions. What I'm saying is that it can be done the same day we record if I really wanted to, but I get a little burned out after recording a show, especially an almost two hour long show like the one we just did. Anyway, just wanted to say sorry, that's all. Now on to what I REALLY wanted to post about... So this will be a little different that what I would normally do, as I am extremely tired and need to get my sleep for tomorrow, but more on that later. Today's blog will actually focus more on sharing things with you all. If you are unfamiliar with the "reptilian" phenomenon, then please enjoy this video.

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Aug 8, 2013

134 Triple Threat

And welcome back boys and girls to your beloved letter on letter podcast! This week we decided to add another letter to the show as well as another hour of quality content for your sweet ears. The gang discusses technology in the context of down-compressing video into the kilobytes, which leads into a bit about reptilians and religion, followed by a super fun chat about television shows and networks, culminating with a Shawn hosted round of "Movie Executive." It's a grand episode and I hope you enjoy the enjoyment.


Aug 1, 2013

D on Episode 133

Hello friends,

I just wanted to take today to talk a little bit about the things I talked about on our most recent episode, as well as explain why there wasn't a blog posted last week.First off, obviously there wasn't a blog last week; that was my bad. I kinda knew what I was going to write about but then I decided to get back into Sims 3 again... don't hate; It's a really fun game for me. I would not consider myself a "gamer" as the kids would say. I don't play things on consoles because I only have a 1000 year old PS2 that has GTA San Andreas pretty much permanently loaded into it. I don't play computer based games because I run an iMac that is not up to the graphic requirements for most games. There is however, something about the Sims games that I find to be really interesting. I like the idea of simulated life I guess. I don't particularly hate my real life, I just really like being able to do whatever I want whenever I want with no consequences. I use a bunch of cheats to enable an almost "god mode" to the game and I feel no shame or regret in that. Long story short, the Sims 3 got in my way of posting a blog. Sorry.

Oddly enough, the Sims are almost directly related to my recent watching of the Star Wars prequels. See what happened was, I wanted to watch something while I played my game. I realized that I needed something that would last all day so naturally I turned to a series of films. The decision to watch some Star Wars prequels was made shortly after sitting down to my computer. All those words aside, I watched the Star Wars prequels and didn't hate them all that much! Episode 1 is still kind of a piece of shit. Episode 2 wasn't bad, but the acting could be better. Episode 3 was probably the best out of the three, but I still had issues with it's pacing. I believe I go over most of that in the episode, so I won't bore you too much with the same things I already said. If you want to hear that, listen to the episode.

I did want to go into my thoughts on The Conjuring before I let you go. I don't think I will reveal any major spoilers that would harm your enjoyment of the film if you haven't seen it, but I might as well warn you now: I have seen this movie and am about to talk about it in some context so if you are worried about being spoiled, don't read the rest of this paragraph. I will start by saying that I am very critical of "horror" movies. I honestly believe that it is possible to make a movie that truly terrifies people to their core and stays with them for days or even weeks. Much like a ghost or demon, it would latch onto you "Insidious" style: following you when you leave the theater, making you look over your shoulder as you enter your car, linger right outside of your peripheral vision. I love the idea of a filmmaker studying peoples fears and structuring a film to target those fears so expertly. Sadly, I don't believe that The Conjuring, or any recent horror movie, accomplishes that. I feel that The Conjuring and Insidious, both directed by James Wan, do more in terms of filmmaking techniques to cause an uneasy feeling that a lot of the other terror-pictures I've seen. The problem, that I see, is that these movies rely too heavily on what I refer to as the "screamer". This is in reference to the popular YouTube videos wherein a video plays and randomly jump-cuts to the close up of a scary face and a loud scream. While this technique causes the audience to jump out of their seats and even scream themselves, it does little in terms of creating long lasting horror. I honestly didn't remember any of the scary parts of the movie upon walking out of the theater. It's a cheap thrill that has become overused to the point of boring. I'm not kidding when I say that I sat through The Conjuring and didn't jump or scream once. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a superhero, I just saw the "screams" coming from a mile away and was very prepared for whatever they threw at me. Like I said (a few too many times at this point) I really liked the look and feel of The Conjuring. It's use of harsh shadows and deep contrast, coupled with an uneasy color pallet and 70's era clothing, really got me in the mood to be scared. Unfortunately, the film was hurt by it's by-the-book use of "screamers". I am very interested to see what James Wan comes up with next as I have enjoyed most of his works on some level and think he has a real potential to meet my expectations for horror movies. Bottom line: The Conjuring was an ok horror movie and a pretty good date movie.

Well, I'm spent. The Sims 3 is calling my name and I cannot ignore... ripply condoroy! (Sims humor)