Jul 31, 2013

133 Oldschool Throwback

And welcome back to another exciting episode of your fave-tastic consonant on consonant podcast! Today we kick it old-school with some delightful chat about the masturbatory habits of young men as well as discuss the ever-beloved Star Wars prequels. After that, we 'jump' into "The Conjuring" and 'howl' about "The Wolverine" for a little while. Spoiler Alert: Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader... and we don't use many puns in this episode. Enjoy!


Jul 24, 2013

132 Technical Difficulties and Comic Con

On another exciting episode, our heroes learn the power of long-distance friendships, discuss the recent news from the San Diego Comic Con, and talk a little bit about Doug's adventures into the world of prerecorded late night talk shows! It's a hoot and a half filled with technical difficulties that will have you saying, "why do I even listen to this crap?" Enjoy!


Jul 20, 2013

D on Pacific Rim part 1

It's no secret if you've heard the most recent podcast we did, I LOVED Pacific Rim! It was exactly the kind of movie that I needed to see at the exact moment when I saw it. Assuming you've listened to the episode, then you also may have heard that I had a few problems with it... which was unfortunate to realize. While these problems didn't hurt my enjoyment of the film during my multiple screenings, and I still maintain that I really REALLY loved the movie, I found that they did bother me quite a bit after settling down from the hype of it all. Today I'd just like to talk about my second favorite part of the movie. From this point forward consider this SPOILER LAND and don't read on if you haven't seen the movie, unless you don't care about spoilers.
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Jul 19, 2013

D on Blog

Hello and welcome to the hot new feature that we are adding to the website! In the past we have tried having a "blog" element to the show but that fell apart pretty quickly and wasn't maintained very well... well the good news is that it's back and better than ever! This first post serves as an introduction to the concept. Proceed to the next paragraph for more words and explanation.

Thank you for sticking around, by the way; that means a lot to me. So what's this blog all about anyway? Very simply, this will be used as another outlet for our words. We have topics and such that we discuss on the show that we sometimes don't get to fully get into due to time or forgetfulness. The idea here is to take a little more time to flesh out our ideas and deliver them to you in a timely manner. For this reason, the main blog posts will be titled "D on (Topic)" because, it's all I could think of really. I thought it sounded ok. For the most part these will be text-based posts but we may include pictures or even small audio files for your pleasure.

The "schedule" for these blog updates will be pretty consistent in that we will work to have at least one write-up released the day after an episode goes up. I say "at least one" because we are two hosts and, sometimes, only one of us will have something to write about. If both of us decided to write a little something, we may combine them into one post or release them over the following two days after an episode drops. There may also be an instance where one of us wants to write a post about something either before we record or not relating to the episode at all. With posts like that we will more than likely release that before the episode comes out.

These posts will not be linked to the iTunes feed for obvious reasons, but should show up in the RSS feed. If you'd like to keep updated as to when these go up, feel free to subscribe to that feed. If you'd rather not be bothered by more stuff in your feed-reader, then you can just come back to the site to check if it's been updated. For those of you interested in approach, we've mad it easy with these next handy sentences. For the foreseeable future, the podcast will update on Wednesdays at 11am central standard time with the blog being posted the following day (Thursday) at that same time. Any posts made before Wednesday will go up at 11am CST. If you remember anything about The D on D Show, let it be 11am update time and you're golden.

I think that will do it for this post, as I've pretty much said all I need to. Stay tuned for the first "real" post tomorrow at 11am. I know it's weird because I said that the posts will be up the day after the episode drops, but I didn't want these both to go up at the same time and get lost together. We hope you like this new feature and aren't put off by the extra content. There should be a comments section under this so you can tell us what you think. If you really love what we're doing here, or want to vocalize your disgust with this obvious self-indulgence, let us know!


p.s. we will sign the end like that to let you know who wrote the words.

Jul 17, 2013

131 Rift in the Drift

On another exciting episode of your favorite letter-on-letter podcast, the boys cancel the apocalypse as they discuss the new hot film "Pacific Rim" and Doug has a game review for the new hot game "Deadpool". Spoiler alert if you have not seen that film, sorry. If you haven't played the Deadpool game or don't know anything about Deadpool as a character, you're probably cool to listen. Enjoy!


Jul 3, 2013

130 Comic Book Boys

On another exciting episode, Dolph bags (and boards) his prey while on the hunt, Doug has been doing some 'superior' reading as of late, and the boys talk about the dark absurdity that is "the new 52". What fun times we have with comics!