Jun 27, 2013

129 Doug’s Interesting Life

On another exciting episode of The D on D Show, Doug tells more stories of his wonderful little life in Hollywood California! Meanwhile, Dolph hasn't really done much... all of the sadness belongs to Dolph. The boys talk a bit about that new Superman movie, Man of Steel. Enjoy and as alway, enjoy...


Jun 19, 2013

128 Hollywood Cook

Doug goes "Hollywood" when he decides to move to Los Angeles for the summer,

Dolph is haunted by gosh darned ghosts, and the boys catch each other up on the week's past. Enjoy!

(Real quick I wanna just say that we are very sorry for the issue with Dolph's audio.)

(It is a problem that we are aware of and we are trying to correct it. It's gotten better though... right?)


Jun 7, 2013

127: Mix & Match

We have another guest on the show! This week though... it's a surprise! Can you guess who it is? I'll let you figure it out. Until then though, I guess we should tell you that we do our most fun draft ever! The boys (and guest) create a humanoid form. Check out the blog for the pictures that Dolph sketched up during the episode! Got the guest figured out yet? *spoiler alert* the guest is CFO