May 31, 2013

126: The Sauer Hauer

The boys are joined by their good friend Paul to talk hella nerd-shit, draft a new comic book company, and ramble about stuff not at all pertaining to ducks or chickens alike. Enjoy this super episode y'all!


May 24, 2013

125: Trekkin’ Into Darkness

The boys watch Star Trek Into Darkness and share their view on the film. This episode contains spoilers so don't listen if you care about such things.


May 20, 2013

124: Iron Man Is Late

Doug attends a red carpet premier for his short film, Dolph visits C2E2, and the boys talk about Iron Man 3. Spoiler Alert: We talk about Iron Man 3...


May 3, 2013

123: Pain & Gain & Other Stuff

Doug and Dolph talk about the smash hit "Pain and Gain" and get excited for Iron Man 3. I could write more, but I gotta go see Iron Man 3... I'm excited.