Apr 19, 2013

122: The Singularity of Sam Flinn

Doug explains the hot new show "Hannibal" while Dolph wants to give everyone AIDs. Oranges. The boys chat about the singularity, the past and future of technology in regards to movies, oranges, and getting sexed up in a random van. Oranges.


Apr 11, 2013

121: Hodor

Doug takes showers, Dolph takes baths, the boys get clean... any way they can. Doug saw The Evil Dead, Dolph played mini golf, and the boys talk sex... of the tree-rape and blowjob variety. Hodor.


Apr 2, 2013

120: Doug’s Patience Wears Thin

I'm glad you decided to stop by and say hello. We are having so much fun here, Doug talks about being a P.A. on his latest filmy-project at school. Dolph tries Doug's patience with all kinds of nonsense. The boys talk about April Fool's Day, upcoming Marvel movies, and Doug's car! Enjoy...