Feb 28, 2013

116: Like A Father

The boys just kinda catch up after a super eventful week. They talk about the weather, discuss parenting, Dolph spends a lot of time eating things into the microphone, and Doug "Sheik's the Tweets" once again and probably for the last time.


Feb 21, 2013

115: Respect The Shake

The boys take a break from the normal episode format when Doug decides to get his rocks off by calling a phone-sex number, Dolph reveals a dirty/profitable secret and the duo do the Harlem Shake... not really, since this is an aural pleasuring. Oh, and we do an new segment that I'm sure you'll love.


Feb 14, 2013

114: Hands Down Pants

Dolph is watching Pretty Little Liars, Doug is excited for The Fast and the Furious 6, and the boys talk about Doug's week at college! Doug gets to a base... not sure which one, but he sure does get there.


Feb 5, 2013

113: Two Rollands and a Microphone

The boys talk more Southland Tales because Doug finally got around to watching it, Dolph started watching Pretty Little Liars, and the boys talk about other shit... I don't listen to these either.