Jan 22, 2013

112: Dondland Tales

The boys are back to the whole "long-distance" thing and it is not going well... Dolph is dying through most of the episode, Doug tells some stories about being away at college and the boys end the show with a guided play-by-play of the movie "Southland Tales" which you should see if you haven't already.


Jan 15, 2013

111: Movies We Love

Shawn (of "Movies We Love" fame) joins the boys for an exciting episode full of much laughs and good memories. The gang drafts their own Oscar picks to "right the wrongs" from the Academy Awards past. Also Dolph has some news...


Jan 8, 2013

110: The Unenlightened Few

Doug and Dolph have a bit of a problem. You see, it turns out that Dolph is a little unenlightened according to Doug. What Doug doesn't realize is that there is a very good, not shoehorned in at all, reason for that. The boys discuss the merits and follies of the film John Dies at the End.


Jan 1, 2013

109: Happy DONDyear!

The D is silent... I'm kidding, that would be silly. Anywhey, this is the standard episode with a sprinkling of Django-talk, a light spread of "what we got for DONDmas", and a garnish of some other stuff that I can't remember... I think we both say the N-word a few times, so that's cool (not really, it's actually offensive (shut up man)). Anywho, enjoy this episode and let's start 2013 off right, bitches! Also please check out Dolph's new website and all-around awesome thing, TheGreynbow.com