Dec 25, 2012

108: Deck The Halls Part 2

We were racking our brains trying to figure out what to get all of you for this joyous time of the year, and then it hit us! An hour of quality podcast streamed right from your computer/mp3 player to your festive ears on the most wonderfulist of days. Merry Christmas from The D on D Show! We'll see you all next year...


Dec 18, 2012

107: Live & In Person!

Doug and Dolph are together at last after many a skype assisted episodes! In keeping with certain unintentional traditions, the boys attempt to watch Star Trek while recording but decided to give it up before the episode even begins because they knew they would too distracted to actually talk. What you get instead is some pretty delightful discussions about cinema and the recent school shooting.


Dec 12, 2012

106: Tragic Tales & Lower Thirds

Dolph runs amok all over this bitch, Doug ain't sweating shit, and the boys tell some stories while other stuff happens. This episode is actually pretty good, I promise.


Dec 8, 2012

105: The Tangerine Tales

Terribly sorry for the delay on the releasing of this episode. Dolph was getting over a cold or something. Yeah, that's it! He was sick. But luckily he is now cured thanks to the power of a tangerine. Doug joins Dolph on this ride too, so don't worry. Both hosts are totally present during the recording of this episode. There's nothing unusual going on here. Stop looking into things!