Nov 27, 2012

104: TwiHard - With A Vengeance

Doug encounters an underground army of sock-people seeking their freedom from the tyrant known only as "the void", Dolph gets impregnated by an advanced race of beings from a distant planet in the Andromeda galaxy, and the boys celebrate Thanksgiving by eating dead animals stuffed with bread and cranberries. All this and more on this action-packed episode of The D on D Show! Also: TWILIGHT!


Nov 13, 2012

103: Re-Party Hearty

We join the boys on another exciting episode of The D on D Show. Doug invents a new re-newable energy source out of re-furbished socks and melted tires, Dolph re-treats to a small private island to conduct a series of experiments involving re-located cats, and the boys re-do the re-try that re-re's the re-election re re re...


Nov 6, 2012

102: Wild Tooth Flossing?

And welcome to The D on D Show! On this episode: Dolph gets an urgent telegram from the president, Doug joins a "religion" that worships piles of dirty socks, and Chilly learns not to stand by heat vents. All of this a more on another exciting episode of D on D!