Sep 27, 2012

TDODS 98: Party King

The boys sit down for a bit of a chat. Doug sucks at partying, Dolph sucks at having friends, and the boys suck at podcasting! (JK!)


Sep 11, 2012

TDODS 97: Following the Bricks

Doug Watches A Movie! Dolph Sounds Phony! Doug Watches Another Movie! Dolph Loses A Call! A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Class! Explosion Sound!


Sep 4, 2012

TDODS 96: Papers, Rapes, and All Things Apes

Shawn joins Doug and Dolph on this action packed episode. Doug tells a delightful "Kid's Story" that involves the popular pop song "Call Me Maybe", or is it "Baby"? I don't know. Anyway, Dolph sits in the "Movie Executive" seat and deals Doug and Shawn out three titles to pitch back, hilarity ensues. And we learn the meaning of life! Enjoy!!!