Aug 28, 2012

TDODS 95: Batman’s Most Wanted!

The boys have a sit-down after recording the commentary tracks for the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and watch the film "Wanted". They talk a little bit about wrestling, how people who aren't filmmakers shouldn't make films, the Aurora Colorado shooting, and how you can help out the survivors of that. They also watch "Wanted", so you get to hear them do that!


Aug 21, 2012

TDODS 94: Batman Just Got Baned!

The Dynamic Duo talk about The Dark Knight Rises, they answer some questions that they (the internet) had about the movie, Dolph rallies against the Westboro dicks who decided to protest the funerals of the victims of the Aurora shooting, and Doug tells a "Kid's Story"!


Aug 14, 2012

TDODS 93: May 25th 2012!

The boys jump into the "wayback machine" and talk about upcoming stuff from the past that has already happened, how you might ask? Through the magic of not posting episodes on time! Doug and Dolph talk about movies coming out this summer and gauge their excitement level for them, boy were they wrong about one movie in particular! Dolph also shares his knowledge of Ropen on another installment of "Dolph's Cryptid Corner". Enjoy...


Aug 7, 2012

TDODS 92: Normal Balls and a Subpar Penis

Doug employs a mute gimp to give blowjobs to, Shawn replaces Dolph after murdering him, and the boys talk about porn, drugs and movies! Shawn will fit in nicely 'round here.