Apr 25, 2012

TDODS 83: Predator Punishment

The boys talk a little Porn Star Punishment, and by a little, I mean quite a bit, like a lot. The boys do a dramatic reading of the text transcription between Dolph and a possible online predator, Doug has 99 problems, and 1 of them is revealed on today's show!


Apr 17, 2012

TDODS 82: Hello Camel Toe

The boys talk a little Hook, take you (the listeners) on a play-by-play recount of the trip that Dolph (and Ryan, Kyle, and Josh) took to SIU to visit Doug, and Dolph sniffs some stank-ass panties! No, I'm cutting that out. You're too lazy to fix it. That's getting edited out... We'll see.


Apr 14, 2012

TDODS 81: Ass-Watch

This week, the Dynamic Duo of D’s gets a little “pulpy”, Super-Awesome-Surprise-Batman-Gift-Time, Doug pops "the question", and Dolph hosts another “Dolph’s Diatribe”. We talk about quite a bit of porn, so feel free to masturbate or whatever it is that people do when they hear about porn...


Apr 4, 2012

TDODS 80: The National Flag of Tajikistan

The D on D Show is back bitches! Doug and Dolph are joined by CFO on this special 2 hour episode where the gents open up with some improvisational comedy, move onto talk of starting their own town (and the charms it would posses), Dolph drops a little sasquatch science on "Dolph's Cryptid Corner", and the boys draft their ultimate heist teams. Tune in every Wednesday for new episodes at ClassyRadioTheater.com