Jan 26, 2012

TDODS 77: Epic Weeks

Doug talks about his first week of college life, Dolph recaps his week (previously predicted by Madame Constance), and the boys do their very best to end the episode... But they fail and are interrupted by aliens who blow up Dolph's house and probe Doug's rectum while singing about abortions! "That'll make your hole weak!" said the aliens to Doug.


Jan 17, 2012

TDODS 76: Gettin’ Mystic In This B!tch

To celebrate the last (for a while) episode recorded at the Classy Radio Lair the boys barely do anything differently! A longtime half-guest finally joins in on her own mic, Doug and Dolph talk a little Zarban.com (check em out) and Madame Constance predicts Dolph's future... All this and more!


Jan 10, 2012

TDODS 75: Battle For The Coolest Sh!t

CFO joins the duo on another exciting episode! The gang talks a little bit about their futures in movie making and then spend the next hour on an epic draft of epic-epicness just to see who can get the coolest shit from movies and other fictitious places. Enjoy!


Jan 6, 2012

TDODS 74: Live From Texas!

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to The D on D Show "2012 style", the boys talk about what they received for Christmas, Doug (and Dolph) watch a movie, and the show lags a little, literally.