Nov 21, 2011

TDODS 69: The Act of Mutual Oral Sex

On This Episode: We don't make any reference to the number 69 or it's sexual meaning, not even one joke. Doug watches Immortals, Dolph drinks pink drinks, and 'The Boys' recast The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring... 'The Boys' would like to remind you to check out the blog, it's damn great.


Nov 16, 2011

TDODS 68: Secret Agent Men

On Today's Show: Kyle joins us once again for a super special "post-UMC episode" filled with talk of Legos, sexual-harassment, and Justin Timberlake's beautiful eyes. Doug gets all his ideas from Kyle, Dolph watches "In Time", and Kyle is the peek-a-boo podcaster (who contributes more than he gives himself credit for). Extra: Check the blog to find out what we talked about after the episode!


Nov 7, 2011

TDODS 67: Bad Impressions and Tentacle Rape

Doug and Dolph are joined by CFO once again as well as Jamie for the first time since episode 6 when he was banned and never allowed on the show again... we have since lifted that ban (obviously). The group kicks off the show with some truly terrible impressions of some famous people and then spends the next hour and thirty minutes drafting some places they would like to live, which is quite riveting. This will truly go down as an episode of The D on D Show. Thank you. NOTICE: This was recorded on Friday September 9th and was released on November 7th, so things that are talked about may not be true anymore.


Nov 1, 2011

TDODS 666: Episode 66

BOO! On this episode, Doug and Dolph are joined by... nobody! The boys are all dressed up and ready for a night of trick or treating, they swap some stories about old costumes they wore as young men, Doug gives Dolph (and you) a Halloween themed quiz, and then... after the episode the guys have some friends over for a party so head over to the blog to see some pics and videos from the night. Happy Halloween!