Oct 26, 2011

TDODS 65: Taken 3: Lost in Dino-Park

Kyle returns for another fun episode filled with Liam Neeson, smoke monsters, and Scarlett Johansson. Doug watches a movie (Real Steel), the boys pitch "Taken 3" (draft-style), and the show fizzles out at the end... All this and more! Go to the blog to see the thing that Doug is holding at the beginning of the show as well as the rendition of the Dickasaurus!


Oct 17, 2011

TDODS 64: Hockey-Night In Doug’s Basement

Kyle (from The Fan's Stance available at Classy Radio Theater) joins Doug and Dolph on this super spectacular episode! The boys draft their Ultimate Fantasy Fantasy-Hockey teams, Dolph shares some dino-facts, Doug loves Lost, hates Jurassic Park, and is incredibly conflicted about the show "Terra Nova".


Oct 12, 2011

TDODS 63: Autistic Zombies Attack!

On today's show: Mike joins the boys once again for some fun, the gang drafts their zombie survival teams, Doug watches a movie (Drive), and for some reason Dolph is being replaced for the dong... Enjoy!


Oct 11, 2011

TDODS 62: The Fight Club

The episode opens with some unaired audio recorded a long time ago, Doug and Dolph are joined once again by CFO, the gang drafts 5 people they would like to fight, Dolph comes off like a huge asshole and in light of recent events, CFO comes off as a pretty big asshole as well. NOTE: The views expressed by CFO do not reflect that of The D on D Show or of Classy Radio Theater, they are his and his alone and we feel terrible for Apple's loss, though to be fair, they are still rich as shit... Enjoy!