Sep 19, 2011

TDODS 61: Fantasy Football Draft

C-FO joins Doug, Dolph, and Mike once again, the boys draft their ultimate Fantasy Fantasy Football teams, Mike hosts another 90's TV Trivia Quiz (but forgets to keep it about television, and the 90's), and Dolph's girlfriend makes C-FO feel old. Enjoy!


Sep 16, 2011

TDODS Bonus: The Drunk Episode Pt. 2

This special bonus episode contains high amounts of alcohol, excessive yelling, inaudible hosts, 2 drafts, Mike, and a fork. Please be advised that you may not respect Dolph by the end of the episode... he takes it the hardest. Enjoy!


Sep 12, 2011

TDODS 60: Some Gurly Advice

Dolph talks about yeast infections (a lot), Doug broke his hymen on the spokes of a bike, Mike unveils a "90's Television Quiz" that stumps the fuck out of everyone, Aughtom guests once again, Doug's sister invades the show and brings her friends along too... November 13th! (lots happen on this show)


Sep 5, 2011

TDODS 59: 4 People On Mike

And they're all heavy! C-FO joins the cast this week, the boys create their ultimate movies, and Dolph talks about 10 random lucid dreamers (who are also kinda famous). All this and more on another exciting episode of The D on D Show!