Jun 27, 2011

TDODS 54: Draftastic!

Doug kidnaps Mike and forces him to record with us again, Dolph plays with Jesus and the boys draft the ultimate poker tables... This show gets better every week, we promise.


Jun 10, 2011

TDODS 53: The Podcast Draft

China goes all anal in a porno (Doug is excited), Dolph doesn't like anything he can do himself and the boys draft their ultimate 6 man podcast... for the entire episode! Mike isn't here this week :(


Jun 1, 2011

The D on D Show - Episode 52: The Birthday Spank-Bank

The boy's celebrate their birthday (again), Mike joins the crew once again, the boys draft the ultimate celebrity pornography, Doug has run in with the idiot regarding LA Nior and Dolph goes off on a diatribe about stupid customers... Fucken customers.